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Spirit Releasement Therapy is a powerful form of healing that re-boots your energy body and reconnects you to vital life force energy by clearing both the auric field and the chakras of intrusive energies that may be holding you back.

Another way of saying that is, it enhances personal growth by clearing the negative energies that restrict it. 

There are multiple forms in which negative energies might present themselves. Negative energy can take root as a result of curses, negative thought forms, implants, or cords. It can also manifest in the form of entities, psychic attacks, stored trauma, or perpetrator energy.

Spirit Releasement Therapy is a very complete process that takes place on multiple levels between cellular consciousness and the archangelic realms. Before and after, the vibration of your energy body is measured in MHz which gauges the level of your instincts and the spiritual guidance you are receiving. That helps monitor the results.

Afterwards, there is a period of assimilation that follows, the recovery period being unique to each person but generally varying from a few days to a few weeks. The end result is fresh new energy and life force throughout the Biofield.