Shamanism is an ancient healing modality still practiced by many indigenous cultures across the globe. A Shaman is someone who works closely with the natural world and the powers that exist both inside and outside of 3rd dimensional reality to bring about healing and balance. In Western terms, this might be called psycho-navigation, and is defined as the mental experience of moving through inner space, or the space perceived as mind.

In Shamanism, the world is viewed as a web of intricate energy connections in which all life is interdependent, a cosmos made up of fiber like energy streams, strands of light similar to the circulatory system of the human body. Human beings are viewed as being within the web shaping our own reality. In physics the web is referred to as the Quantum Hologram. From this viewpoint, Shamanism confirms the connectedness of all things and affirms that everything that exists has a spirit which is connected to the Earth and all of life.

The Shamanic journey is a form of information gathering and healing. It may involve moving backwards into memory, or the past, or forward into future events., and is sometimes marked by shifts in personal identity or insights not normally possessed by the person. That shift is sometimes facilitated by contact with spirit helpers, guides and power animals.

From a shamanic perspective there are three potential causes of illness:

  • Power loss
  • Soul loss (loss of essence)
  • Attachment of unwanted spirits or entities

Some potential manifestations of power loss are misfortune, trauma, or accident, as well as dysfunctional family dynamics.

Shamans believe that Soul loss occurs when trauma or a loss of power causes a person to lose some of their pure original essence.Soul Retrieval is an ancient traditional and mystical practice that enables someone to reclaim those lost pieces and mend the fragmented self.

Soul loss can be caused by anything that creates significant trauma for a person. My teacher, Sandra Ingerman refers to Soul loss as “a spiritual illness that causes emotional and physical disease.” Traumas such as rape, incest, abuse, death of someone close, divorce, war, and addiction are all pertinent examples but trauma can also result from more minor incidents such as car accidents or surgeries.  Everyone’s tolerance level is different. What may not be a traumatic experience for one person could cause soul loss in someone who is very sensitive.

Some tell-tale signs that you may need a Soul Retrieval are big gaps in memory like lost time, (“Oh, I can’t remember anything about my childhood from age 3 to 10.“)  Or, “I‘ve never felt the same since… (“…my brother died” …  “I got fired”… or “I saw that awful scene of violence”). You get the idea.

Soul Retrieval is accomplished by performing a Shamanic Journey during which a Shaman uses the sound of a drum beat to alter her/his brainwaves and expand one’s consciousness so that it can then journey through unseen dimensions, also known as non-ordinary reality, to retrieve the pieces of someone’s lost soul and bring it back to them. When the pieces are returned by blowing them back into the person, I like to think of it as returning a ball of pure divine light to someone. The end result is a sense of wholeness and increased inner calmness.

After Soul Retrieval, many positive changes can occur in a person’s life, such as more self-confidence and an overall sense of well-being.

Spirit Releasement Therapy is a powerful form of healing that re-boots your energy body and reconnects you to vital life force energy by clearing both the auric field and the chakras of intrusive energies that may be holding you back.

Another way of saying that is, it enhances personal growth by clearing the negative energies that restrict it. 

There are multiple forms in which negative energies might present themselves. Negative energy can take root as a result of curses, negative thought forms, implants, or cords. It can also manifest in the form of entities, psychic attacks, stored trauma, or perpetrator energy.

Spirit Releasement Therapy is a very complete process that takes place on multiple levels between cellular consciousness and the archangelic realms. Before and after, the vibration of your energy body is measured in MHz which gauges the level of your instincts and the spiritual guidance you are receiving. That helps monitor the results.

Afterwards, there is a period of assimilation that follows, the recovery period being unique to each person but generally varying from a few days to a few weeks. The end result is fresh new energy and life force throughout the Biofield.



Reiki, the most gentle, practical, hands-on healing modality in the world, is primal energy (chi or prana) guided by Rei-ki (higher consciousness). A tradition based on compassion and connection with higher intelligence (angels, ascended masters, spirit guides) it opens one to the world of healing possibilities.

Research has substantiated the efficacy of Reiki. Scientific evidence has shown that the hands of Reiki healers produce strong pulsing electro-magnetic fields, which interact with the electro-magnetic fields emanating from organs or tissues, returning them to optimum healthy condition.

Complementary to all other modalities, Reiki restores mind, body and spirit, and is safe for all ages and for pets as well.

Common uses of Reiki

Reiki is used for the treatment of all pain and suffering, mental, emotional and spiritual, not just physical pain.

It is very beneficial for Chemo patients, post surgical cases, accident victims, pre and post natal as well as elder care, hospice, grief, losses, emotional upsets or disappointments, major life changes, anxiety, insomnia, pre and post sports events.

Reiki patients report changes in attitudes, increased positive perceptions about life and removal of stress both in the emotional body and the actual physical tissues.

The Five Spiritual Principles of Reiki

Just for today, let go of anger.
Just for today, let go of worry.
Just for today, count your blessings and honor your parents, teachers, and neighbors.
Just for today, live honestly.
Just for today, be kind to all living things.


SHEN Therapy is a scientifically researched form of somatic energy healing developed by American scientist Richard Pavek. SHEN is an acronym for Specific Human Energy Nexus.

The primary aim of SHEN Therapy is to release emotions trapped in the body. Once the emotions have been cleared, the body too is liberated from any associated physical pain or tension.

Some forms of therapy such as counseling involve talking a great deal about traumatic events with the idea that this releases them, but it is the contention of this particular form of healing that somatically held emotions may need a push from an external source of energy to free the body/mind of the original wound.

SHEN Therapy teaches that emotions are held in the torso, at four main sites: the heart, the solar plexus, the kath (below the navel), and the root (the perineum area).

During a session, the practitioner places hands in paired positions on the fully clothed client who is lying on the table. The practitioner ascertains the locations of somatically held emotions and determines an appropriate physio-emotional release plan. (This treatment plan is based on extensive intake and interviewing with the client prior to the session.) A naturally occurring energy flows from the practitioner’s hands through the emotional energy centers (chakras) of the client’s body in a precise way to discharge debilitating emotions.

Here are a few common examples where the need for healing might be indicated according to SHEN philosophy:

  • Weight on the chest (Heart)
  • Butterflies in the stomach (Solar Plexus)
  • Choking back emotion (Throat)
  • Nervousness to the point of wanting to vomit (Solar Plexus)

Each noted feeling or sensation is associated with one of the chakra centers in the centers of the body, and may be an indication of repression or holding of information or trauma in the body/mind.

Developed by Dr. Richard Bartlett, and rooted in the laws of Quantum Physics, Matrix Energetics is not a healing technique per se; rather, it is a “Consciousness Technology” that helps us bypass our habitual limited perceptions and access what physicists call the Zero Point Field — the field of pure potential, the realm of all possibility.

On the subatomic level everything in the Universe, including humans, is composed of light and information. While your reality may appear fixed, it is actually fluid, and in a constant state of becoming. Matrix Energetics quickly drops us into that fluid state, connecting us to the grid of infinite potential energy. When the creative power of intention is added, we can dismantle the energetic state that supports the problem or illness, and establish a new state that promotes a healthy change.

Matrix Energetics can be applied to anything: physical illness, injuries, past traumas, emotional and psychological patterns, relationship issues, business concerns and much more. Whatever you wish to transform, Matrix Energetics can help you do it with speed and ease.

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