A compassionate and dedicated mind/body therapist, Marsha Jessee has been a practitioner and teacher of the healing arts for over 40 years. During that time she has worked with thousands of clients serving to facilitate the restoration of a peaceful body, mind and spirit.

Marsha is a trained Spirit Releasement Therapist, a Shamanic Practitioner of Soul Retrieval, and a Reiki Master whose primary focus is clearing and balancing the Human Energy Field.

At the heart of her work is a desire to empower people: to assist and inspire them to experience greater levels of connection and spiritual evolution within the human experience.

The Human Energy Field is the sacred interface between our physical bodies, our consciousness, and the world around us.  

Mental, emotional, or physical trauma of any kind can cause disruptions in the field.

From a shamanic viewpoint, that might result in soul loss which can lead to any number of conditions.

Marsha’s signature energy healing treatment is the work of a true master

“who can see with her hands and her consciousness.”

The treatment is never the same twice.

It is an intuitive blend spontaneously and specifically formulated for you.

A treatment from Marsha can help you…

Feel more balanced

Experience a greater sense of clarity

Boost your immune system

Increase your energy levels

Heal emotional scars

Release long-held traumas

Enhance your physical vitality

Feel a sense of overall well-being

Expand your spiritual awareness 

Be more in touch with your intuition

Experience a greater sense of connection with the world

Sessions are available


By Phone

On Zoom


“Marsha is definitely one of a kind. She is an extraordinary energy healer. She is patient, compassionate and attentive. I was surprised at first at how powerful her energy is and that she has the ability to work with so many modes of energy healing. I always feel relaxed and energized after our sessions. I have had a profound and positive life changing experience when Marsha worked on me with Shamanic healing. I would recommend her to everyone.”

-Rashmi Mohan-

My friends, myself, and my family members have been benefiting from Marsha‘s gifts, skills and work for over two decades now and we have never even met in person!

The first time we connected I was afraid for my sister‘s life. I contacted a friend in California who gave me Marsha‘s number saying “This woman has helped me with things I cannot explain.” I believe that by following the referral to Marsha that day I saved my sister from a complete breakdown.

When I called Marsha immediate trust came through in her voice thousands of miles away in a different country!  There was connection and compassion. Best phone call I ever made. It was life-saving.

Fast forward,  two decades later, Marsha has been and continues to be a beacon of light and guidance through very dark times. Through hospitalizations of loved ones, severe and terminal illnesses, surgery, death, suicide prevention, accidents, she’s been a huge help through it all.

In one instance I remember a young boy who had had a terrible snowboarding accident, he was in a coma with severe brain swelling. The doctors had given him less than a day to live and had called in his family members to say their goodbyes. The boy was a coworker’s nephew. She came to me in a panic so I put her in touch with Marsha, asking that she help him transition safely. Marsha did a soul retrieval and wrote back telling us that it wasn’t his time, that he should wake up and come through with no damage to his brain! Indeed this is what happened, he made an immediate full recovery!!!  I remember the doctors taking the parents to a private room and saying “Sometimes in medicine we see recovery that we can’t medically explain. Your sons sudden turn of events out of his coma is nothing short of a miracle.

Marsha is truly a patron for the greater good and I couldn’t feel more grateful to her for sharing her gift,  her skills and for working with those who need it.

-Brigitte Cormier, Canada-

“I would like to recommend Marsha’s energy healing and astral body clearing work. In my sessions with her she could see very clearly what was happening to me in the physical (higher) realms. She is an outstanding clairvoyant/clairsentient and very dedicated to her healing practice. I believe she can be of great assistance to others who have difficulties in the physical and psychic arenas.”

-Judy Brown-

Marsha has been a source of clarity and healing for me for more than 20 years. Through several key moments in my life she has been a keystone piece helping me release all kinds of limiting patterns and experiences, doing very profound work at all levels of my being. Her soul retrieval session is unlike anything I have ever experienced as she goes to the heart of the matter, and with her compassionate, loving and highly experienced way brings the most authentic expression of yourself back from whatever trauma and intense experience you have gone through. When I lost my mom she was truly key in taking me out of deep grief and grounding me in the present so I could move on with life in a plentiful way. Like good wine, the accuracy and depths of her practice and what she can accomplish through her work has gotten better and better over the years. I am and always will be deeply thankful and grateful for her compassionate clear guidance and loving presence in my life. 

-Ita Gelada, Mexico-

How can I put Marsha Jesse into words?  When I reached out to her, I was completely drained and hopeless. I had gotten to a point where I didn’t know how much longer I could keep going. Every day was a struggle.

She cleared me, rejuvenated my spirit, and changed my life. I dived into a world that I felt, but hadn’t yet known. I received the emotion code, which was so necessary in my healing process. She taught me the power of Reiki. Both a privilege and honor. She helped me open my heart, that had been long sealed through a lifetime of trauma and abuse. But most importantly, I am able to trust her. And feel completely safe. For the abused that is a miracle in itself. So much so, that I have her work on my special needs daughter.

Her compassion, talent, and honesty has given me so much clarity and insight. She has brought my daughter and I so much peace, acceptance, and love of ourselves and each other. To further growing our bond. My daughter looks forward to her time with Marsha. And I don’t know what I did without her. Sometimes I feel like I have been given a second chance, how can you thank someone for that?


“I was held in the hands of pure spirit work. Her hands moving across my body felt magnetic, as if her spirit was literally drawing out toxic energies that had been exhausting my body, my thoughts and emotions for so long.  Since that one session with Marsha, I haven’t had any more stomach pain.”

-Nancy Charade-

“I was unable to see past the pain of what was occurring deep inside my soul…. The work that we did together helped me see another side of what was going on and helped me put into words feelings that I had been suppressing because I saw those feelings as failure when in fact those feelings were telling me to free myself. I have failed to put into words how this experience not only helped me but also how I feel it is helping me as I look forward to a future that allows my spirit to soar and my soul begins to glow. I still feel Marsha’s work though me occurring every day and every once in a while, I wonder if she’s checking in on me. I take a deep breath and breathe to just say thank you.”


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