A lot of people find themselves turning to the spiritual path later in life, but I was on that path pretty much right from the start. As a child I was aware of the unseen realms and conscious of so-called ghosts, and maybe as a result of that I was always interested in religion and life after death.

What exactly is the spiritual path? For me, it’s an ongoing journey of discovery, an active quest for higher guidance. I have always been a seeker. I was full of questions growing up and still hungry for answers when I attended college where I studied different religions and began to practice Yoga.

Eventually I developed an interest in indigenous spiritual traditions and that led me to Shamanism and the practice of Soul Retrieval . For several years I worked with a Lakota family who taught me their traditions of sweat lodge ceremonies and vision quest.

Around that time I also got certified in massage therapy and began to practice Reiki.

Meditation too proved to be a key skill for me as a healer. Essentially we are spiritual beings, so as a healer we have to be able to step aside and allow the energy of spirit to work through us. From a Shamanic perspective one could compare that to being a hollow bone through which we become a conduit and transmit information and energy directly to the person we are assisting.

From that point on my work became more and more expansive in the realm of consciousness. My path led me to Shen Therapy and Matrix Energetics. I then started studying Spirit Releasement Therapy which introduced me to a whole new level of comprehension with regards to the spirit world and continues to be one of the key components of my work.

But what exactly does it mean to be a Light worker and what sets them apart from other people? 

A Light worker is someone who has an expansive energy field or Light field around them, so when they walk into a room their presence can be felt. They seem to have an intense inner power that people can feel, a kind of magnetism that draws others to them.  But where does that Light come from? Light workers are people who are consciously connected to a higher source, call it Mother Father God, your higher power, Great Spirit, everybody has a different name for it, but through that connection they generate Light. This is a fact. And that is what a Light worker does. 

Light workers are filled with positive energy so they exude a lot of confidence, a kind of inner knowing. They also have an immense amount of patience. When you’re exposed to someone with that kind of connected energy it acts as a catalyst so people tend to relax and feel inspired to share their innermost feelings. That is how the Light begins to heal. Just by listening and being compassionate and understanding, we can change a life.

The object of my work is to clear the client’s energy field so it too is vibrating at a high level. In that way I consider myself a wayshower, one who can help others navigate their challenges, especially in the face of our current times. There’s no reason to live in a state of pain and  confusion. It’s possible to create and sustain comfort and ease for ourselves.

My primary teaching is that Source is pure Light, pure energy, and when we connect to it, it generates Light from within which changes the way we feel and the way we view the world around us. As humans, we focus a lot on the physical body and the idea of fitness: going to the gym, exercising, nutrition, etc. but care and maintenance of the energy field deserves an equal amount of care because it too impacts the way we feel and can improve our experience of life.

And that is what my work is all about.

It’s been a long journey but 40 years later, I feel this is what I was destined to do. I believe I am here to work for the good of humanity.