It’s important to understand that energy work is a collaborative and co-creative effort in which everyone must be fully present.

You cannot assume that another person is solely responsible for your well-being. True healing begins and ends with Self-Love. Therefore, it is imperative that you take responsibility for your part in the existence of the conditions you are dealing with and not perpetuate the idea of yourself as a victim.

Negative thoughts and judgments have a great deal to do with the manifestation of toxic conditions in our energy field, so even after the energy work is complete, it’s still possible to reestablish certain states of illness if you continue to dwell on negative thought patterns.

In order for a lasting change to occur, the work must be done in conjunction with your will to heal.

I will do my part to help you but it’s important that you do your part as well. That can best be done by seeking emotional and mental release through self-reflection, forgiveness, acceptance, and letting go.