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Most of the time the work is the same. In some cases it’s more therapeutic to work hands on. For example, some cases require daily treatments, such as chemo patients who are severely debilitated. In that instance, table work is more ideal. If I have their body in front of me and a particular organ requires attention, say the kidneys or the bone marrow, I can address it by channeling life force energy to that specific organ or tissue.

On the other hand, there are cases where I intuit the presence of an energy I don’t want to wrestle with on the table. In that case, I will request that we do distance work first which can be a great assessment tool. It can also serve as a pre-treatment for table sessions. For example, when a person has been partially cleared prior to a hands on session, they may be more relaxed. Then the work will proceed more effectively.

In terms of how I work,  with distant sessions I have more flexibility in terms of when I do the work. For instance, sometimes it’s best to work while the person is sleeping if, for example, they’re nervous or their mind is overactive with expectations or anxiety. Mind you, depending on the difference in time zones, that option is not always possible.

Sometimes it’s more productive to avoid scheduling a specific hour. I often prefer to work within an expanded window of time, say a week to 10 days. That way, I can give the energy some space, allow it to settle a bit first, then see what surfaces.

Table work may feel more relaxing because of its effect on the body. It’s important to remember, however, that the goal is not just a sensory experience but healing and transformation. 

Understanding the concept of Distant healing requires a massive shift in consciousness because it flies in the face of established reality. The idea that consciousness and focused intention can transform energy through time, distance, and space seems impossible and yet it is totally in keeping with the concept and laws of quantum physics. 

Although difficult to grasp, we need only look at the results to see that it does actually work. I had already been doing long distance healing for 10 years, with results, before I fully accepted the legitimacy of it. Then one day out of the blue, I had an epiphany, a huge evolutionary moment, when I suddenly saw it for what it was and gave over to what was happening. I just stood there and said, “Oh my God, this is astounding!”

That doesn’t mean it’s an experience reserved for professional Energy workers. Although this type of healing has been done throughout history and is often viewed as something mystical, we’ve all had some experience of it.

Here’s an example… Let’s say you’re out in the public somewhere in a crowded place and you see someone attractive. You look at them for a moment and you feel such a strong desire to connect with them. You know it’s just a fantasy but your focus is so strong, the image of that person in your mind is so clear, that the person you’re looking at suddenly feels something. Next thing you know, they’re scanning the crowd with a puzzled look on their face, trying to figure out what’s happening and where that feeling is coming from. So, what did just happen?

What happened was you sent energy to someone long distance.

The basic premise of distant healing is just that. Energy is directed through time, distance, and space, consciously and with intention.

Spirit Releasement Therapy is a powerful form of healing that re-boots your energy body and reconnects you to vital life force energy by clearing both the auric field and the chakras of intrusive energies that may be holding you back.

Another way of saying that is, it enhances personal growth by clearing the negative energies that restrict it. 

There are multiple forms in which negative energies might present themselves. Negative energy can take root as a result of curses, negative thought forms, implants, or cords. It can also manifest in the form of entities, psychic attacks, stored trauma, or perpetrator energy.

Spirit Releasement Therapy is a very complete process that takes place on multiple levels between cellular consciousness and the archangelic realms. Before and after, the vibration of your energy body is measured in MHz which gauges the level of your instincts and the spiritual guidance you are receiving. That helps monitor the results.

Afterwards, there is a period of assimilation that follows, the recovery period being unique to each person but generally varying from a few days to a few weeks. The end result is fresh new energy and life force throughout the Biofield.