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What is Distant Healing?

Understanding the concept of Distant healing requires a massive shift in consciousness because it flies in the face of established reality. The idea that consciousness and focused intention can transform energy through time, distance, and space seems impossible and yet it is totally in keeping with the concept and laws of quantum physics.  Although difficult […]


Shamanism is an ancient healing modality still practiced by many indigenous cultures across the globe. A Shaman is someone who works closely with the natural world and the powers that exist both inside and outside of 3rd dimensional reality to bring about healing and balance. In Western terms, this might be called psycho-navigation, and is […]

Soul Retrieval

Shamans believe that Soul loss occurs when trauma or a loss of power causes a person to lose some of their pure original essence.Soul Retrieval is an ancient traditional and mystical practice that enables someone to reclaim those lost pieces and mend the fragmented self. Soul loss can be caused by anything that creates significant […]

Spirit Releasement Therapy

Spirit Releasement Therapy is a powerful form of healing that re-boots your energy body and reconnects you to vital life force energy by clearing both the auric field and the chakras of intrusive energies that may be holding you back. Another way of saying that is, it enhances personal growth by clearing the negative energies […]


Reiki, the most gentle, practical, hands-on healing modality in the world, is primal energy (chi or prana) guided by Rei-ki (higher consciousness). A tradition based on compassion and connection with higher intelligence (angels, ascended masters, spirit guides) it opens one to the world of healing possibilities. Research has substantiated the efficacy of Reiki. Scientific evidence […]

SHEN Therapy

SHEN Therapy is a scientifically researched form of somatic energy healing developed by American scientist Richard Pavek. SHEN is an acronym for Specific Human Energy Nexus. The primary aim of SHEN Therapy is to release emotions trapped in the body. Once the emotions have been cleared, the body too is liberated from any associated physical […]

Matrix Energetics

Developed by Dr. Richard Bartlett, and rooted in the laws of Quantum Physics, Matrix Energetics is not a healing technique per se; rather, it is a “Consciousness Technology” that helps us bypass our habitual limited perceptions and access what physicists call the Zero Point Field — the field of pure potential, the realm of all […]